Report – India’s Top 5 Information Security Concerns: 2013


Please view the report on the Top 5 Concerns for India.

Report on Top5 Information Security Concerns


It’s time we identified what ails the information security efforts in India. Read the full report on SlideShare

Numerous annual threat and risk predictions are published globally–some are relevant to India, some are not. While some of these reports are reliable, many are vendor-driven or influenced by vested interests. Although these reports help in focusing on security issues, none, surprisingly, help to look at missing perspectives or perceptions, or at issues arising out of behavior or work culture–the weaknesses that contribute to the ‘insecurity’ of information security.

Much has been done at various levels to deal with cybercrimes and security incidents, but something seems to be missing still. To identify the missing factor, we surveyed a large number of professionals in IT, IS and other domains, requesting them to share their top five India specific concerns in three segments:
• The Nation                     • The Corporation or Business                  • The Citizen



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