From Policing to Police Custody .. in the netherworld of piracy takedowns

The owner of a piracy takedown company stepped on the wrong side of the law!

Interesting life and times in cyberworld for Mr Ghosh – is this guy ripe for a deeper investigation? Anyone knows more about his work? it will be interesting to have some inputs from the Investigation Officer for the case… .  a grayhat / blackhat hired by the who’s who from the Bollywood film fraternity (can we say this is as good as hiring a mercenary considering the tactics being used)
I would also like to jog the memory of the readers ….. Aiplex are the same guys who made news way back in 2010 when they talked about torrent take downs and DDOSing sites hosting movies. They got burned with bad press and Anonymous DDOSed them. They immediately changed their tune saying we never said this and have been misquoted (check the link at the bottom of this article).

However, it seems that they have been working silently over the years and it will be interesting for the Kherwadi Police Station I/O to see what other greyhat / blackhat “activities” they have been engaged in. This sort of activity is clearly in violation of the IT Act.
From this current episode it seems that this gentleman (owner of Aiplex) has grown over the years and maybe thought he was too powerful for anyone to touch him. Well…. like we all know crime never pays and this has surely now touched him in the wrong place.
Then someone faked his site !
And he got some bad reviews from employees (nothing much this seems to be some disgruntled guys)
He had first boasted about takedowns and DDOs attacks then retracted the statements:


We all know the old sayings – Crime Never Pays………. or …………. You Reap What You Sow!
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